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Ovarian Cancer #TEAMKELLI Kelli Riva Fundraiser Car Fresheners & Candles

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Help us fundraise for Ovarian Cancer Treatment here in Thunder Bay and local Kelli Riva, on her journey to wellness from her own diagnosis and treatment. All proceeds will be donated from these car fresheners, and funds will be kept here in Thunder Bay!

Unscented hanging car freshener, ready to be scented! Double sided as shown in photo. The #teamkelli Car Freshener Oils are Noir (Black Absinthe) scented! Tag may also be scented with any of our other Car Freshener Oils

To use:

  • On a protected surface (not in car) add 5-10 drops of oil to each side of your air freshener. Allow to absorb 5-10 minutes. Reapply as often as desired
  • Do not store car freshener oil in car.
  • Keep bottle tightly closed and out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest. Wash off skin.
  • Do not use on or allow oil to come into contact with painted, plastic, wood or varnished surfaces.

Do not allow car freshener to come into contact with painted, plastic, wood, or varnished surfaces once fragrance has been applied. Keep out of reach of children.