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The Sauna Box Curated Gift Set

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No sauna? No problem! (Got a sauna? You lucky duck! This box is for you, too!)

We wanted to curate a gift set that covered all your self-care relaxing needs from start to finish! How do you find ultimate serenity and relaxation? Easy:

To start, get your Sauna Diffuser Drops: add them to your diffuser, or add a few drops to your sauna bucket water (also works great on diffuser beads!).

Then, scrub up with our Sauna Scrub, scented in a cool and calming blend of smooth mahogany, warm cedar, and cooling eucalyptus and mint essential oils. 

Once you're perfectly smooth, soap up with our tingly-cool Winter Mint Soap and Natural Soap Saver Bag, a Naturally Lovely bar containing cedar, fir needle, and mint essential oils, topped with cornflowers and poppy seeds.

Finally, moisturize and nourish, sealing in all that goodness with our Apres Sauna Nourishing Lotion, scented in a warm and cozy blend of mahogany, shea, and cedarwood essential oil. 

Really seal in that relaxation by lighting a Sauna candle by Waxxed when you're done!

Each box comes perfectly gift-wrapped and ready for giving (or keeping!) and contains:
-  Sauna Essential Oil Diffuser Drops (6 ml)
-  Sauna Sugar Scrub (8 oz jar)
-  Winter Mint Soap (90 g)
-  Sisal (Agave) Soap Saver Bag
-  Apres Sauna Nourishing Lotion (130 ml)
-  Sauna Candle by Waxxed (4 oz/ 20 hrs)
-  A stem of real Eucalyptus

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