What is your usual turnaround time?

During regular times of year, we typically get pick up orders done same day or next business day, deliveries are 1-2 x a week, and shipping goes out Tuesdays at the minimum.

How does Delivery Work?
We will pack up your order for you and then deliver to your local Thunder Bay address. This is an option for Thunder Bay City residents only - please be respectful and do not choose delivery if you live outside of the city, or in a rural area. If you're able to make it to the shop to pick up, it's hugely appreciated :)

When bringing you your order we will "Knock & Drop" meaning we'll put your order on your doorstep/hang on doorknob or mailbox, knock on your door, and leave. 

If you have notes or instructions for us (such as "side door") please leave those for us in Notes prior to checking out.

How are your products made?
Everything is handmade in our shop located in Thunder Bay, ON Canada. We make everything in small batches to help ensure quality and care is put into every item that leaves our workshop!

Do you test on animals?
No. Never. Ever. The only animals we test on are our very willing human guinea pigs who sign up to try items out before they hit shelves!

How are your items wrapped/packaged?
We wrap all of our soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars in biodegradable boxes or dry wax paper with paper labels. Our bath products are wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap. Many of our smaller items are in glass containers, such as our hair oils and deodorants, making them the perfect vessel for you to wash and reuse when you're done.

Our lotions, scrubs and shea butters are currently packaged in #1 PET plastic, making them easily recyclable, and we're always on the hunt for a way to make our packaging better & greener! (Plastic bottling/jars were chosen for these items as it helps to drastically decrease the carbon footprint in terms of shipping these items. A huge reason was also safety: glass containers + wet hands + slippery shower = disaster. The thought of glass being dropped and exploding into a zillion invisible shards in the shower is awful, and I want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy!).

We've also created our Recycler's Club: Bring back any of your clean, dry, unlabelled jars/containers and we'll ensure they get reused or recycled! Every item returned gets you a stamp, 10 stamps get you a $10 store credit! Bring back any of our packaging except lip balm containers.

Can I return items if I've changed my mind?
For Lovely Body items: Because these are personal care products, we cannot offer returns on our items - this helps to keep everyone safe by ensuring we always know where your items have been before you purchased them, and how they've been stored and taken care of. By returning items, we can no longer ensure that something hasn't been stored improperly or tampered with, and items are as fresh and safe as when they leave our workshop. That being said, we want you to be happy with your items! If you have any issues with a product you've purchased, let us know and we can help makes things right.

What does parfum mean?
Parfum is a term used by Health Canada as an umbrella term for any ingredient used for scenting a product - this can include both essential oils and fragrances - so instead of trying to list 7 different essential oils in a tiny space, you can just list "Parfum", and save precious label space.

We use essential oils whenever possible, however some scents (like a strawberry, for example) don't have an essential oil, so a phthalate-free fragrance is used instead. When a fragrance is used, we use premium ingredients, which are un-cut, so we can use the smallest amount possible and leave out the cheap ingredients used by the "big guys" to help their fragrances stretch out further and make them cheaper.

If you're interested in the exact essential oils used in a blend, just drop us a line!

How do I clean my jars and bottles for returning to the Recycler's Club at the store?

Returning your containers is a great way to shrink your environmental footprint while still using the same great products you love! An important step for returning them is cleaning and unlabelling them!

To do this, simply:

1. Wash container and lid with warm soapy water, ensuring you are getting rid of any old residue/product/grease.

2. Let air dry completely, then gently peel the labels off.

Do you offer wholesaling?
We do offer some wholesaling! Drop us a line at info@lovelybody.ca and let us know who you are and what you're looking for!

Do you offer custom items?
We do offer custom items! Typically custom items are purchased by the batch, get in touch with us at info@lovelybody.ca and let's see what we can do!

Got another question we didn't cover here? Drop us a line or give us a call!

(807) 286-7030