What's the Best Shampoo and Conditioner Bar for my Hair Type?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and for good reason! Our shampoo and conditioner bars are totally different from what you've been using in a bottle, and they all have their very own super powers!

From most moisturizing to lightest shampoo bar:

Smoothie Shampoo Bars: Contain extra moisturizing ingredients as well as coconut, well-known to have what thirsty hair needs! pH-balanced and sulphate-free, these are perfect for dry, frizzy, curly, colour-treated or processed hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bars: While all of our bars are sulphate-free and pH-balanced to have a level of acidity that our hair and scalps love, our Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bars have an extra little boost, to help get your hair its shiniest! These are perfect for dull, normal-to-dry hair, in need of a boost in shine.

Silk Shampoo Bars: These are our "middle of the line" bars, and the originals! Infused with real silk protein to help strengthen your hair, these pH-balanced, sulphate-free bars are perfect for normal to dry hair.

Black Dahlia Tea Tree Oil Shampoo: Tea Tree Oil is a naturally astringent essential oil, which helps to remove build-up on hair and scalp, and to help tame oily hair and greasy scalps. We've added Activated Charcoal to help deep-clean scalps, and Lemongrass Essential oil to balance the scent and give it a citrusy burst. These bars are perfect for oily hair, and hair with build-up.


Our conditioner bars are also fantastic for hair, providing premium hair-loving ingredients, without the water or plastic bottle! Trust us when we say our conditioner bars last ages, and each bar lets you choose how much moisture you'd like left on your strands, depending on how well you rinse it out and how much you leave on your tresses! The ingredients are all safe for leave-in conditioner use, so if you'd like some extra tlc on your strands, leave hair feeling a bit more slick. Feeling weighed down? Skip the conditioner on your scalp and add just to your ends, rinsing more thoroughly afterwards.

From most moisturizing to lightest conditioner bar:

Intensive Conditioner Bars: Enriched with real silk protein, moisturizing avocado oil and shea and cocoa butters, and an extra dose of scalp and hair-loving ingredients, these are perfect for dry, frizzy, curly, colour-treated or processed hair.

Silk Conditioner Bars: These are our goldilocks "just right" bars, for folks who don't need too much or too little, just the right amount. These also contain hair-smoothing silk protein and moisturizing butters and oils, perfect for normal to dry hair.

Light Conditioner Bars: A lighter bar for folks who just want a bit of help in the detangling department, or just a light amount of moisture for their locks. These are perfect for normal to oily hair.