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BuzzPatch - Mosquito Repellent Stickers

BuzzPatch - Mosquito Repellent Stickers

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Kid-friendly and lasts up to 8 hours! These stickers are made with natural, plant-based repellent (Deet Free!) and are easy to peel and stick on clothes! Each pack comes with 24 colourful patches in a resealable ziplock bag.

Active Ingredients: Citronella Oil 10% /120mg/Patch 

Inert Ingredients: Cellulose 90%

HOW TO USE: Simply peel off BuzzPatch sticker and place it on your clothing nearest to the exposed body areas.

For kids aged 0-2 years, use 1 patch placed centrally on the body.

For kids aged 3-5 years, place 2 patches on the body - one on the torso and one on the legs.

for ages 6+, use 2-4 patches - one placed on clothing next to each exposed limb.

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