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Sisal Agave Bristle Dry Brushes - With Sustainable Wooden Handles

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These vegan dry brushes have sisal bristles instead of boar bristles, and sustainable wood brushes. While they're recommended for dry brushing before a shower, bath, or sauna, they can also be used wet for a gentler experience.

Choose from a cotton handle or a larger wooden handle.

To use: Gently use brush on skin, working from extremities towards body. Apply more or less pressure as comfortable. Shower or bathe after dry brushing to help remove dead skin. For best results follow up with nourishing lotion or body butter.

Benefits of Dry Brushing:
Helps to unclog pores & remove dead skin, improves blood circulation, helps to prevent ingrown hair  Shower after dry brushing your body and consider applying some olive or coconut oil after shower to moisturize your skin.