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LUXE Collection Candles - 14 oz Double Wick, Coconut-Soy Wax

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Enhance any space with our Luxe Collection double wick candles. The same coconut-soy wax blend that you've come to love from Waxxed Candle, in brand new glass tumbler jars and ethically sourced pressure-fit wooden lids.

The candles' labels add an understated but elegant touch with their embossed foiling and linen texture, making it a candle that fits right into any decor. We designed these candles to be beautiful, so that they could be left out on a table or desk and always look simple but stunning.

Because the candles are double-wicked, they fill your space with beautiful scent quickly, helping you to make any room your own.

Each double-wicked candle contains 14 oz of natural coconut-soy wax, scented with premium fragrance and essential oils, fitted with an ethically-sourced wooden lid. They will last 70+ hours with proper care and use. 

Trim the wick of your candle before each and every use to 1/4 inch. The first burn is the most important and should last 3-4 hours. Always burn long enough to allow the melted wax to cover the entire surface of your jar - this helps to ensure you get the best out of future burns. Blow candle out gently and never leave lit candle unattended.