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Natural Exfoliating Sisal (Agave) Soap Saver Bag

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Natural Sisal (Agave) soap saver bags are here! These woven bags are the perfect size for your soap bar, helping to extend the life of your bar and also providing scrubby exfoliation for your skin. 

To use: Put your bar of soap in the bag, and pull the drawstring to secure. Wet them both and lather up! The woven fibers of the bag provide scrubby exfoliation for your skin, increasing circulation while you scrub, and helping to wash away dry, dead skin. When finished, remove soap (make sure to let your bar fully dry in between uses!), rinse your soap saver, and let dry! You can toss your soap saver in the washing machine to clean.

Bag comes with drawstring and wooden bead, soap pictured not included.