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NEW Purist Dry Shampoo - Natural, Unscented

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Purist is our unscented line, great for those sensitive to scents or who work in scent-free environments. Also great for those who want to let their other personal fragrance products shine!

Meet our brand new Dry Shampoo; it's the perfect way to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh in between washes. Formulated with natural ingredients like Kaolin Clay and Tapioca Starch, this dry shampoo is gentle and unscented, so you can use and enjoy it without worrying about harsh mystery chemicals on your scalp.

Safe for all hair types, colour and chemical-treated hair.

To use: Peel safety labels off the top of the bottle and gently shake a small amount onto scalp and greasy hair. Massage in and let it do its thing for a minute or two. Then just shake out, blow dry or brush out excess and style as usual! We recommend washing your hair as usual every 2-3 uses.

Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Zea Mays Starch, Kaolin Clay.